ACE Discussion papers

ACE Journal 1985 - 2010

Issues 35 - 40

Issue 35

Carter, Resurrection and Economics 

Mochrie, Justice in Exchange: The Economic Philosophy of John Duns Scotus

Oslington, A Rational Choice Model of Divine Action 

Issue 36

Carter, Joseph Schumpeter and Christian Economics

Cooper, Divine versus Human Choices: Reliving the Tension with some Choice Theory 

Roundtable Discussion: Whither Christian Economics? 

Issue 37

Britton, Choice, Identity and Salvation in Christ 

Mochrie, Sawkins and Naumov, The Market for Religion in Late Nineteenth Century Scotland: Size, Structure and Activity 

Woehrling, Book Review - Henderson and Pisciotta, ed, Faithful Economics. The Moral Worlds of a Neutral Science 

Issue 38

Harries, African Economics and Its Implications for Mission and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa 

Graafland, Market Operation and Distributive Justice: An Evaluation of the Accra Confession 

Issue 39

Chan, Teaching Microeconomic Principles in Christian Universities: Toying and Idea of a Microeconomics Text with Religious Applications 

Evans, Measuring The Contribution of Faith Communities to Civil Society in Wales 

Mochrie, Thomas Chalmers and The Civic Virtues 

Issue 40

​Beed and Beed, God and Transforming Business 

Gregory-Smith and Watts, Profit Thy Neighbour? Wealth Creation And Christian Activity 

Smith, Book Review - Beed and Beed, Alternative to Economics. Christian Socio-Economic Perspectives; Hartropp, What is Economic Justice? Biblical and Secular Perspectives Contrasted 

Discussion Paper 028: Beed and Beed. The Alleged Absence of a Christian Social Ethic  

Issues 24 - 34

Issue 24 

Crook, Tackling Unemployment at a City Level

Birnie, Should the Christian Economist be a Theonomist?

Jones and Pollitt, The Role of Business Ethics in Economic Performance: A Christian Critique

Issue 25 

Cooper, Futile Growth and The Economics of Ecclesiastes

Hay, Christian Perspectives on the Economics of National Health Service

Henley, Has Business Ethics a Role to Play in the Competitive Economy? A Review Article

Issue 26 

Stapleford, Christian Ethics and the Teaching of Introductory Economics

Jones and Pollitt, Competition: Biblical Themes and Empirical Evidence

Cooper, What Christian Economists Should Know About Evolutionary Game Theory

Issue 27 

Menzies, The Economics and Ethics of International Debt Relief

Oslington, A Theological Economics

Guitar, Article Review - Mills and Presley, Islamic Finance: Theory and Practice

Issue 28 

Smith, A Model of the Message of the Book of Revelation

Henley, Pilling up Treasure on Earth: The Crazy Ethics of the Housing Market

Guptara, Book Review - Jeremy, A Business History of Britain 1900s to 1990s

Issue 29 -

Cooper, The Case for Theocentric Social Action

Mochrie, Debt and Development after Jubilee 2000

Groenewold, Book Review - Boersema, Political-Economic Activity to the Honour of God

Issue 30 

Garrood, From Marxist Economics to Christian Economics

Waddams Price, The Ethics of Regulation

Henley, Book Review - Capitalism, Morality and Markets

Issue 31

Carter, Sen's 'Basic Capability': a theological appraisal

Britton, Economics and the Church of England

Claar, Book Review - Stapleford, Bulls, Bears and Golden Calves

Oslington, Book Review - Hay and Kreider, Christianity and the Culture of Economics

Groenewold, Book Review - Perks, The Political Economy of a Christian Society

Issue 32 -

Marzano, Ethically Open and Closed Economic Theories

Tan, On Altruism, Christianity and Economics

Britton, Introducing Religion into Economic Theory

Henley, Article Review - Layard, Happiness - Has Social Science A Clue?

Issue 33 

Cooper, On Modelling Church Growth

Beed, The Dilemma of Economic Theory and Christian Belief

Oslington, Book Review - Gray, Cash Values

Henley, Book Review - Oslington, ed. Economics and Religion

Issue 34 

Smith, Modelling Faith

Henley, Doing Economics as a Christian: Constructive Engagement or Prophetic Detachment?

Oslington, Book Review - Nelson, Economics as Religion

Issues 13- 23

Issue 13

Mason, Centralisation and Decentralisation in Social Arrangements Explorations into Biblical Social Ethics

Schluter, Relational Market Economics

Hay, Book Review - Reforming Economics: Calvinist Studies in Method and Institutions

Issue 14 

Frowen, The Functions of Money and Financial Credit: Their Objectives, Structure and Inbuilt Deficiencies

Hay, An Evangelical Approach to Economic Issues

Henley. Book Review - Harries, Is There A Gospel For The Rich

Issue 15 

Biggar and Hay, The Bible, Christian Ethics and the Provision of Social Security

Pollitt, Book Review - Schluter and Lee, The R-Factor

Hay, Book Review - Atherton, Christianity and The Market

Issue 16 

Bernie, Utilitarian Economics: A Theory of Immoral Sentiments

Hay, Can Economics be Trusted? Consumption and Debt in the UK in the 1980s

Henley, Is There A Christian Case for A Corporatist Middle Way?

Issue 17 

Atherton, Where do Spirituality and Economics Meet?

Mason, Biblical Teaching and the Objectives of Welfare Policy in the US

Birnie, Article Review - Gray, The Moral Foundations of Market Institutions

Issue 18 -

Foster, From Eschatology to Sewage Treatment: An Economic Appraisal of Green Christianity

Hay, Banking on Technology? Technological Change and Christian Ethics for Economic Life

Henley, Book Review - Davies, God and the Marketplace

Issue 19 

Jones and Pollitt, Economics, Ethics and Integrity in Business

Hay, Do Markets need a Moral Framework?

Paton, Endogeniety, Population and the Catholic Church: a comment on "From Eschatology to Sewage Treatment" by Vivien Foster

Henley, Book Review - Samuel and Sider, Christianity and Economics in the Post-Cold War Era

Issue 20 

Mizen, Ethical and Moral Issues in Financial Markets

Sparkes, Business Ethics - The Emperor's New Clothes

Pollitt, Book Review - Sparkes, The Ethical Investor

Bernie, Book Review  - Frowen and McHugh, Financial Decision Making and Moral Responsibility

Hay, Book Review - Goudzwaard and de Lange, Beyond Poverty and Affluence: Toward an Economy of Care

Issue 21 

Britton, Full Employment as A Policy Aim

Bernie, Unemployment: A Christian Response

Alike: Conceptions of Human Fulfillment in Poverty Reduction

Issue 22 

Hartropp, Socioeconomic Justice in the Old Testament: What is it?

Williams, Hermeneutics for Economists: Issues in Interpretation

Peters, Grass Roots Mobilisation for Debt Remission: the Jubilee 2000 Campaign

Issue 23 

Wilson, Comparative Religious Thought on Economic Behaviour and Financial Transactions

Henley, Current Issues in the Economics of Work: A Christian Perspective

Fearne, Bob Goudzwaard's Reforming Economics: Close Engagement and Vision for Accountable Stewardship

Hawdon, Book Review - Storkey, Foundational Epistemologies in Consumption Theory