Discussion papers

Our discussion paper series is intended to be a forum for presentation and discussion of ideas concerning the application of Christian ethical principles to Economics. To this end publication of articles in the series is to encourage dissemination and development, and does not preclude authors from further publication elsewhere.

If you would like to submit an article or book review for consideration for inclusion in the series please contact the Publications Officer, Rowlando Morgan (rowlando.morgan@city.ac.uk)

To download the current and past ACE discussion papers, and past ACE journals, click here.

Small research grants

ssociation of Christian Economists UK (ACE) aims to promote discussion and research on economics and related topics, from a distinctively Christian perspective. With this aim in mind we are holding an annual competition for one or more awards of up to £1000 pounds to support research consistent with the aims of ACE. Proposals would be expected to support a small research project leading to an article worthy of publication in the ACE Discussion Paper Series. It is envisaged that grants might be requested in order to pay for direct research expenses incurred such as the hire of a student research assistant, conference, travel or information costs. Applicants should be current members of ACE UK. Applications are considered throughout the year and decisions on funding would be taken collectively by the officers of the society.Type your paragraph here.

To apply contact Dr Michael Pollitt (m.pollitt@jbs.cam.ac.uk) with a one page proposal.